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Use this converter for translate all symbols of text in any language into the lowercase. All capital letters as a result of the conversion will become small (example of text in the lowercase). Special symbols, gaps, signs of punctuation, and also number during the conversion from the upper register into the lower will be kept constants. If the text have lowercase symbols, after conversion they also will remain without the changes.

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This LowerCase online-converter — useful tool, which can help you with the editing (correcting) of any texts. The conversion of the symbols of text from any case to the lowercase is carried out practically instantly. Formatting text with this operation remains. Numbers and signs of punctuation of concept “register” do not have; therefore they do not change during the conversion into the lovercase. One should consider that in some languages the separate letters have significant differences in the idea in the upper and lowercase and look like separate, the not connected with each other letters. You can use this free tool for translating all chars of text in any language into the small-case mode. Every capital letters as a result of the conversion will become small.

How to convert text to Small Letters online

You can use any text processor, addition plugins or this free conversion tools. No installation required for this conversion. Convert small or big texts to lowercase mode.