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Online Text Reverse Characters Order Converter

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This converter do the rearrangement of all characters of the text in the reverse order, changing the direction of reading the text to the opposite for free. The first character of the text will be the last character, and the last character will be the first (effect of mirroring the symbols). After changing the order of the characters, the reverse plain text will be read from right to left, from bottom to top. To return text to the original version, it must be passed through this converter again.

Paste text to revert:

Revertion result (Inverted Text):

For example you have a text with left-to-right directions of symbols, and you need to reverse the order and set symbols as right-to-left version. Here is solution that helps you to realize changing direction of symbols. Try this free online word's reversion order tool. Change characters order from LTR (left to right) and convert it to RTL (right to left) layout online, no any software installation required. Change text's reading direction from begin-to-end and revert in to end-to-begin. Your text with back side characters order version. This online-based strrev function works on all data types: character, numeric, etc.

How to output sentences (string's characters) in reverse order

You can reverse individual letters, words, sentences or full text immediately without third party tools, modules, software. Mirroring effects for text or word allow you to rotate your upside down text to downside up, or setting individual characters of string in reverse order. How it works? It's easy! Script will pick up to character from end of text and insert it to begin, change character's positions side-by-side, and continue work till end of text or word.