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This free online tool helps you to convert all text's lowercase letters to it's uppercase equivalent (Caps Lock Online). Everything symbols in text after modifying became Capitals Letters (or so-called Big Letters). Example of conversion to uppercase letters: EXAMPLE TEXT. If no such conversion is possible, the letter is unchanged (depends on the alphabet). Capitalizing process available only for letters, discard punctuation symbols and numbers. Immediately CapsLock by-one-click-conversion in your browser without plugins installing. Big Chars generator / lower-upper modifier / Capital Letters konvertor. Paste the text (string, word) that you want to convert to uppercase.

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Free online text case changing tool in your web browser

Use our free online text tool to convert all text's letters from lowercase to uppercase mode. After capitalization process translated text will be highlighted. Below are the steps on how to do this (convert text in title case version) in our free case conversion tool. The following example shows how to use the UPPERCASE function online.

This online function converts all letters in a text to uppercase. Select the text for which you want to change the case to upper, copy it to clipboard and paste to source text area.

Before conversion to large letters you can select the appropriate option from the list of values. For example, if you want to translate all letters to uppercase (to capitalize all of the letters), select the All Symbols or Everything Chars option (all capital letters). If you want to change to uppercase random text's symbols, select the Random letters option (randomize capitals effect).

all letters — to capitalize all of the letters.
first letter everything word — to capitalize the first letter of each word (first character to uppercase). Every Word From Big Letter Conversion.
first letter everything sentence — to capitalize the first letter of each sentence (Sentence Case or Title Case). Every sentence from big char conversion.
random letters — to capitalize the random letters of text (Random Case). ExaMPLE oF teXT IN rANDom caSe moDe.

Click the Change Case (Convert to UpperCase) button to run conversion process. It takes some time especially if the text contains many characters.

Converted to UpCase mode text will be showed in Result text area and will be highlighted for next using. The resulting text after it has been converted to uppercase.

Change the capitalization or case of text online

You can change the case (or capitalization) of selected text to upper mode in a any document by clicking a single button. To change the case of selected text or a document from small to big on a PC, smartphone, tablet, you can use following methods.

Changing case to upper on a PC, keyboard typing

With the typing of text from the keyboard the upper register of symbols (UperCase) can be obtained by pressing Shift key or after enabling of CapsLock mode (kapslok). When Caps Lock mode enabled, everything typed chars from keyboard will be in Big or Larger Case until you press Caps Lock button again. You don't able to change case already typed chars, only can delete its and type again in right case.
Many word and text processors, programming and scripting languages have special commands or functions to convert a variable into uppercase mode. For example, Visual Basic, .NET includes the built-in UCase (uppercase) and StrConv functions.

Transform to uppercase on a smartphone or tablet

On smartphones and tablets keyboards there is no Caps Lock key or Shift key. To capitalize a letter on these devices, press the up arrow on the on-screen keyboard and then the letter you want to be capitalized. Or use extended keyboard software that have text case changing function.

There are also some software, plugin or modules that support the ability to change the case of text that has already been typed. Or use this free online text case converter.

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— Convert any texts to upper case online for free.
— Upper-case online free conversion for any reasons.
— Free online symbols converter from Small to Big letters.
— Good Capital chars upgrader. Upperkase text generator and converter with online version no required installing addition software or modules, add-ons. Get immediately text conversion to large symbols. Paste text in any case and click UprCase now button.

Options available to configure converter (which is symbols to convert to big): You can realize conversion symbols to uppercase by one of the following methods: text editors, widgets, software converters, online tools or services. The simpliest way to do any text upper case conversion is online tool. Web-based converter from this page helps you to capitalize any letters for free. You can use the TransDict UpperCase online converter to change all characters in a string (sentence, word, text) to upper case. No installing any conversion software required — realize your immediately uppercase conversion in web browser by clicking one button. Uppercese Conversion process takes some seconds. Note: When you input text from keyboard UpperCase mode activating by pressing Shift button or enabling Caps Lock mode.

How to convert text to Big Letters online

To convert text (transfer chars) into the upper register case is possible with the aid of the special program-converters, text editors or online-services. Web-based conversion of symbols into the upper register (caps lok online) can be carried out on this page with the aid of the Internet browser of your computer, tablet or Smartphone. The process of the conversion of the registers of text occurs in all for the pair of seconds. You can use this online converter also for correcting locale.