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This free online tool helps you to convert all text's lowercase letters to it's uppercase equivalent (Caps Lock Online). All texts's letters (symbols) after conversion became Capitals (Big). Example of conversion to uppercase letters: EXAMPLE TEXT. If no such conversion is possible, the letter is unchanged (depends on the alphabyte). Conversion process available only for letters, discard punctuation symbols and numbers. Immediately CapsLock by-one-click-conversion in youy browser.

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Conversion result:

Convert any texts to upper case online for free. Upper-case online free conversion for any reasons. Free online symbols converter from Small to Big letters. Web-based converter to capitals letters for free. Upperkase text generator converter for any reason without installing (no any installation required). Immediately uppercase symbols conversion. Paste text in any case and click UprCase now button.

Options available for select (which is symbols to convert to big):

You can realize conversion symbols to uppercase by one of the following methods: text editors, widgets, converters software, tools or online services. No installing any conversion software required - realize your immediately uppercase conversion on this page by clicking one button. Uppercese Conversion process takes some seconds. Note: When you input text from keyboard UpperCase mode activating by pressing Shift button or enabling Caps Lock mode.

How to convert text to Big Letters online (Caps Lock Online Converter)

To convert text (transfer) into the upper register case is possible with the aid of the special program-converters, text editors or online-services. Web-based conversion of symbols into the upper register (caps lok online) can be carried out on this page with the aid of the Internet browser of your computer, tablet or Smartphone. The process of the conversion of the registers of text occurs in all for the pair of seconds. With the collection of text from the keyboard the upper register of symbols (UpperCase) can be obtained, retaining with the introduction the key of Shift (Shift) or after including the regime of Caps Lock (kapslok). Usually this version of the start of the introduction of capital letters is established to po-silence in the majority of computer systems, but there are exceptions depending on lokali, regional tuning and standards. Big symbols generator.