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Online text translator Amikai is a powerful, easy-to-use application for translating business documents and emails, enabling global organizations to unlock knowledge previously inaccessible due to language. Amikai's unique online approach means there are no servers to configure and set up is quick and hassle-free.
  • Translator support 9 languages: english, italian, spanish, chinese, korean, german, portuguese, french, japanese.
  • Translation quality is good.
  • Translation limit 100 symbols.
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If you have a problems with translation, encoding, use this translator on official page.

Amikai, Inc. was founded in October 1999 in San Francisco based on vision «To remove the language barrier». Amikai solutions eliminate language barriers to yield efficient and immediate access to information.

Amikai develops real-time language translation solutions for global enterprises. Amikai's products are currently used by over 2 million people to perform translations across 9 languages.

Online translator Amikai support languages: english-spanish, english-italian, english-chinese simplified, english-chinese traditional, english-korean, english-german, english-portuguese, english-french, english-japanese, french-english, french-italian, french-german, german-english, german-italian, german-french, italian-english, italian-spanish, italian-german, italian-french, spanish-english, spanish-italian, chinese-english, korean-japanese, portuguese-english, japanese-english, japanese-korean.

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