Online translator Bultra

Bultra is a computer (machine) translator which performs translations both analyzing the English text and synthesize the Bulgarian one, giving an account of morphology and syntax of the two languages.

The program is elaborated on performing of translations in different styles. For Basic English language is applied the American version of the English language by using Webster’s dictionary and also such specialized ones in different professional areas.

Bultra features:

  • Translation from english to bulgarian.
  • Tanslatin single words and texts.
  • Interface on english and bulgarian language.
  • Translation limit 200 symbols.
Translation from english to bulgarian by Bultra
Word or text (max 200 symbols): Category: 

If you have a problems with translation, encoding, use this translator on official page
The opportunities of Bultra permit it to be used as from people who are fluent in English and Bulgarian, and also from people who speak little or they don’t know any of these two languages.

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