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Machine translation (MT) — process that using a computer software to convert one natural language to another. MT usually performs simple substitution of words in one natural language for words in another.

Today, machine translators allow you to translate words, phrases, texts, articles, documents, e-mails and also websites. And it's all absolutely free.

Why you need online translator?

History of Machine Translation

The idea of using digital computers for translation of natural languages was proposed as early as 1946 by A.D.Booth and possibly others.

But the history of machine translation begins in the 1950s, after World War II. The Georgetown experiment (1954) involved fully-automatic translation of over sixty Russian sentences into English. The experiment was a great success for machine-translation research.

A great blow came to machine translation research in 1966 with the publication of the ALPAC report. It concluded that machine translation was more expensive, less accurate and slower than human translation, and that despite the expenses, machine translation was not likely to reach the quality of a human translator in the near future.

1960s — research, concentrated on limited language pairs and input
1970s — low-cost systems that could translate a range of technical and commercial documents.
1980s — many large Japanese electronics firms was creating software for translating to and from English.

During the 1990s, encouraged by successes in speech recognition and speech synthesis, research began into speech translation.

How to translate a text from on language to another:

This website contains online translators for all languages.

How do I find ways to translate a text?

The Internet is the first place to start search free translators. The Internet can open access to online translators. If you struggling financial and cannot afford services to translate, the Internet can offer you free access to machine translators and translation software. You also can get a trial version, which helps you to test and translate some documents.

How do free online translators work?

This website have great list of the free online translators.
The free online translators work in a way that you type in (or paste) the word or sentence you want to translate to. You can use the translators not only to convert documents from one language to another but also to learn a new language.

Online translators open the doors to learning english, arabic, chinese, danish, French, Japanese and other languages.