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With this converter, you can give any text or it's individual words the effect of a Bold (fat) mark. This free online tool converts the text and makes it bold online. The text decorated with this style is displayed more vividly, the letters become wider and more voluminous. You can create headlines or highlight specific words to draw attention to. In the environment of verstalists and computer scientists to define the concept of bold text uses the well-known word "Bold". In text editors, this feature is represented by a button with the letter "B". This is one of the most used and applied styles of text selection. Here's the first online bolt converter that doesn't require special software, installing plugins, extensions, etc. Works in all new devices, required UTF or Unicode support.

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Bold style online converter, generator

Typically, a bold style or effect is used to make up texts to highlight titles, subtitles, or individual words that the reader needs to pay attention to. Any word editor (word processor) offers such a feature. The highlighted text when using the option appears bold. Using a standard font, the program draws selected characters wider by a special algorithm. The function is usually tied to the program and operating system and will not work in others (at least as well). Using universal fonts makes the task easier.

On the Internet, you use tags or tags (instructions to the editor) to highlight the titles. They note a part of the text that should be displayed boldly. A text analyzer or browser when parsing such text detects instructions and draws part of the text in the chosen style (in this case, bold). Again, we have a habit to the program. Is there a universal option that will work on any device and in any program? How do you point out for any text that part of it should be set aside bold? Perhaps the simplest solution is to replace the part of the text that requires bold selection with other symbols that should initially appear as a bold. Such symbols are in Unicode encoding, and most modern devices support it initially. That's what our converter does.

As a result of converting letters are replaced with alternatives from the extended Unicode encoding, which have a wider mark. It should be taken into account that the text converted in this way will no longer be the same: its size will change (the text will take up more space), will not be indexed by search engines, it will not work search. Also, to properly display the characters, the device's support, installed fonts. Not all letters have alternative symbols, so not all characters will be converted. Fully supported bold-conversion for numbers and Latin letters and partly for Others Alphabytes, non-convertible symbols will remain unchanged and saved in original form. It is recommended to use this converter to create short texts for the Internet: social services, Instagram, Twitter.