The text converter into a crossed out style

An online converter for quick text scratching. It will help you to cross out individual words, phrases and sentences, as well as the entire text. How does the strikeout work? In the middle of each letter (letter) of the text is drawn horizontal single or double feature, solid or intermittent, smooth or wavy, depending on the settings chosen. The text is commonly referred to as striked or Strike-Out, but sometimes other definitions are used: Strike-Off, Strikethrough, Cross Out. This style is used in the layout of texts to design incorrect words and phrases, direct indication of error, as well as in mathematical expressions, formulas, as an artistic effect.

In professional text editors, the strike is done at the touch of a special S button, and in simpler editors there is usually no such button. The strikeout can be implemented by creating your own style, inserting a special symbol or selecting a crossed out font. All this is quite difficult to implement for the simple user, so this cross-out converter (online strikeer) was created. It is enough to enter the text, and our converter will cross it out automatically, your text will be crossed out, each of its lines will be crossed out separately. Everything happens in fully automatic mode and works on any device.


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How to make a cross text online

We cross out the text when it becomes no longer needed, and also to show that it is wrong, wrong and wrong. When handwriting, the cross-text is used continuously. We cross out words, phrases, and sentences. It's very simple enough to draw a horizontal line across the entire text. The crossed text remains in our document and it will be possible to read it in the future. This is used when we want to explicitly point out the error made in the text and draw the attention of the future reader. This is often used during the learning process, when teachers notice a mistake made by the student.

When you type computer input, the cross-out effect in the text is used for the same purpose. Only the line is drawn not chaotically, but according to certain strict rules (styles).

Usually when crossed out through the text draws an even horizontal trait, solid and thin. You can implement with the help of scratching and artistic effect, using a variety of styles (choose the style of strikeing).

The strike is always implemented by the means of the program (text editor, browser), which draws lines on its algorithm. It is possible to use special crossed out fonts, when all the liters have an initially crossed out effect. Another way to implement the strike is to add Unicode symbols to the text, which are drawn with a shift to the next character. For example, one such symbol is the Alt-822. There are many other similar symbols, the addition of which is produced by our converter. Everything happens automatically, just specify the text.

The most common styles of scratching

̵D̵o̵t̵t̵e̵d̵ — Crossing the dotted line, stroke strike, crossing intermittent horizontal line.
̶S̶o̶l̶i̶d̶ — Crossing out horizontal solid line, continuous line.
̴W̴a̴v̴y̴ — Crossing out a wavy horizontal line, crossing out a tilda, a wave (Wavy).
̷S̷l̷a̷s̷h̷ — Scratching with short oblique strokes, short slash (Slashed).
̸D̸r̸a̸f̸t̸ — Scratching with wide long oblique sloping strokes (Drafted).