Text converter in Underline Style

With this converter, you'll be able to give the text the effect of the inscribed mark. Under each letter is a horizontal trait, a symbol of emphasis. Depending on the option you choose, the feature can be straight or curly, solid or dotted.
The English word Underline is used to define the term "lined bottom, stressed text". In text editors, this feature is represented by a "U" button. The emphasis is used on the layout of texts to highlight words, make headlines, assign references (hyperlinks), create frameworks. Introducing the first online text-underliner that doesn't require special software.
If the text editor usually offers one (horizontal line), we offer you a wide range of styles. You can choose the kind of emphasizing line: solid, intermittent, double, touches, dotted, wavy. The final view of the line will depend on the font used and its size.

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Underline style, effect for text, emphasizing online

By emphasizing, we always highlight the words or parts of the text we need. In handwriting, this is one of the most common methods of highlighting text. To emphasize means to highlight, to mark, to pay attention, to attract a view. There is nothing easier than to emphasize a word or phrase. The stressed text immediately draws attention to itself, attracts the eye. When typing from a keyboard, on the contrary, the effect of emphasizing words is used less frequently because of the complexity of implementation, mainly for this use oily or italic.

Tags are commonly used on the Internet to create stressed text. The text that needs to be emphasized is drawn into <u></u> tags. This text will be displayed by the browser, and a thin horizontal line will be displayed under it. Or specify the styles for the tag, in particular, the "text-decoration" option. You can create your style with the "border-bottom" setting, specifying the line' tone, color, and intermittentness. However, all this makes the text software-dependent, it will be highlighted only in the browser. Is there a universal version of emphasizing text that would be displayed equally in any program?

So how does the emphasis on this converter work? Our converter adds an extra to the text after each character, from the extended version of the Unicode encoding, which implements the emphasis. You have a variety of different styles of underlining: point, dotted, linear, wavy, double. If you display this text on all devices, it will be presented the same way. But there is also a lack of such a solution - the text increases in volume twice.

The most common underline styles

̣P̣ọịṇṭ - Point-pointing, single point under each letter, point-blank point, dotted underline.
̤D̤o̤ṳb̤l̤e̤ ̤p̤o̤i̤n̤t̤ - Double point. Underline double point, doubledotted underline.
̥B̥ḁl̥l̥ - Highlighting a big point (ball, degree, ring, circle).
.̦C̦o̦m̦m̦a̦ - Stressing by the comma.
̲S̲o̲l̲i̲d̲ - Emphasizing a solid single line, a horizontal feature.
͢A͢r͢r͢o͢w͢ - Emphasizing the arrow to the right.
͇D͇o͇u͇b͇l͇e͇ - Emphasizing a double solid horizontal line, a double line.
̠D̠a̠s̠h̠e̠d̠ - Emphasizing the dash line, intermittent horizontal line, underdashed.
॒S॒e॒a॒m॒ - Emphasizing intermittent horizontal line.
̼B̼i̼r̼d̼ - Emphasizing by a bird (gull).
̰W̰a̰v̰y̰ - Emphasizing a single horizontal wavy line (wave, tilda).
͍C͍o͍m͍p͍a͍s͍ - Single horizontal line with arrows, emphasizing arrow, underarrow.