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Use this converter for translate all symbols of text in any language into the lowercase. All capital letters as a result of the conversion will become small (example of text in the lowercase). Special symbols, gaps, signs of punctuation, and also number during the conversion from the upper register into the lower will be kept constants. If the text have lowercase symbols, after conversion they also will remain without the changes.
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Available options to selection before click Convert button: This LowerCase online-converter — useful tool, which can help you with the editing (correcting) of any texts. The conversion of the symbols of text from any case to the lowercase is carried out practically instantly. Formatting text with this operation remains. Numbers and signs of punctuation of concept «register» do not have; therefore they do not change during the conversion into the lovercase. One should consider that in some languages the separate letters have significant differences in the idea in the upper and lowercase and look like separate, the not connected with each other letters.

You can use this free tool for translating all chars of text in any language into the small-case mode. Every capital letters as a result of the conversion will become small.

How do I convert text to LowerCase

Most computer keyboards have LowerCase characters enabled by default. To force it on (or disable UpperCase mode / disable Caps mode), press the Caps Lock key (the Caps Lock mode light in the upper-right corner of the keyboard above the Num Pad will go out). There is another way that is suitable for short-term activation of the lowercase letter input mode — enter characters while holding down Shift button. Instant conversion of caps to reverse is possible in automatic mode by a special converter of the lower register of characters. Previously, such tools were only available as specialized programs and add-ons. Even in powerful text editors and office suites, you are unlikely to find the ability to translate letters from one character case to another. Despite the constant need for this feature, the developers for some reason did not add it to their software. And only in complex and professional text editors for coders and programmers can you find a Character Case Converter function. On this page, you can translate text to the lower semester online, without resorting to the need for specialized software. Our lowercase converter will help you quickly correct a frequently occurring situation: «you typed text in highercase mode, but you should have typed it in lowercase».

This registry converter solves the following issues and problems that often occur to Internet users when working with text:: What should I do if I typed the text using Caps? How do I cancel Caps when entering them? Where can I remove the Caps text mode? How can I reduce the Case of text? How do I convert all the letters in the text from large to small? How do I cancel entering uppercase letters for the entire text?
Our converter can be useful for editing text messages when Internet users often resort to caps and need quick editing. Many Internet users enter text with obviously incorrect case characters, trying to enhance the effect and draw attention to it. Using our case-reduction tool, you can instantly correct the situation and put the text in order.

How to convert text to Small Letters online

You can use any text processor, addition plugins or this free conversion tools. Translating the character case manually is a rather tedious process, so we recommend using automated tools for large texts. It is not necessary to install the lowercase converter as a program. Modern technologies allow you to convert to lowercase directly in the browser window of your device. Lovercase converter (caps cancellation converter) will save you a lot of time and effort. Replacing large letters with their small equivalents or reducing the case is available online. You can make the text in small letters on this page by Case Corrector Tool.

The lowercase online text converter available on this page is a useful tool that can be useful for you when editing texts. Converting text characters to the lower register is almost instantaneous. If possible, the text formatting is preserved during this operation. Numbers and punctuation marks do not have the concept of «case», so they do not change when converting to lowercase. Please note that in some languages, individual letters have significant differences in uppercase and lowercase representation and appear as separate, unrelated letters. There are also some characters that have an outwardly identical representation in both registers, but are considered different and have different codes.

If you select the option «random letters» in the converter settings, then only a part of the letters selected in an arbitrary way will be converted to lowercase. The result is an interesting effect, when some of the letters will remain in the original case, and some will be converted to lower case. That is, which letters will be converted to small case is determined randomly. If you need to set both upper and lower case values at random, there is a random case converter available.

Now you can convert text to lowercase online, without resorting to the use of specialized converter programs or text editors. Online translation of text to lowercase saves you time, because our toolover converter does its job almost instantly. Here you will find a top-to-bottom text mode converter. Our caps withdrawal converter is available around the clock on this page. Anyone can use the capslock cancellation converter completely free of charge. The large-to-small letter converter works online and is available for users of any device: computer, tablet, or smartphone. Conversion of upper-case letters to lower-case letters is performed instantly, directly in your browser window, without the need to install additional components. No installation required for this conversion. Convert small or big texts to lowercase mode.