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If you need quick translation from english to korean, it is not necessary to apply to qualified translator or translation agency. English-korean translator can help you to translate the text instantly. Only online translator can translate any text to korean within a couple of seconds and it will be absolutely free in addition to it.

Is it possible to translate text into korean without knowing the language? This probably might do for some other language if you use a dictionary. But it will not work for the korean language as hieroglyphs are used in it. How is it possible to make out the letter from the whole word?

English-korean online translator ImTranslator

It is most probably the only free online translator in the Internet, which enables english-korean translation. You could certainly translate the text first from english to some other language, and then use some famous online translator to translate to korean, but the quality of translation will be good-for-nothing in this case.

Korean dictionary is embedded into the translator. You will make use of the dictionary to correct the result of translation. You can edit right in the translator. You can type in the character or symbol during the process which is not present on your keyboard. You can use the virtual keyboard for that.
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Free english-korean online translation?

Online translator can be used to translate any texts from english to korean. It is certainly not able to render all details of the text, but the main meaning of the text is clear.

English-korean online translators can’t be regarded as an adequate alternative to professional translation. This is just a useful instrument, which makes translation work with korean easier. Such tool becomes especially useful in the Internet. Being ready to work at any time it can help you to feel more comfortable in the world of information.

In what way does online translator work? What language does he apply to: North Korean or South Korean? It is hard to answer this question. One can assume that the result of free translation from english to Korean is eventually closer to the Southern Korean dialect.

If you see some unknown symbols instead of hieroglyphs when you translate to korean, this means that support of Eastern languages is not installed on your computer. Install it and then the right translation will be displayed on the screen. Another reason for that is the lack of korean fonts on your computer.
Now all translators and dictionaries on one site.
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