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What is Papiamentu language? Papiamentu is one of the few presend day languages of the Caribbean region (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) with small variations in spelling and vocabulary. Papiamentu is mainly traditional language not oficial and limited to some local newspapers and literature, is spoken by very few people. Papiamento is Creole language that contains with a combination of some other languages (Iberian, Latin and some others): Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, some African and Arawak Indian influences.

Papiamentu web translator

Papiamentu web translator is a prototype of a online machine translation system (not real online English-Papiamento translator). It uses a big vocabularu database engine (dictionary on Papiamento) to translate words from English to Papiamentu. Also supporting papiamento curacao language varuation.
English-papiamento translation advices. For great translation result try to use a simply and shorts english phrases or texts. Papiamentu is very simple language, so complicated grammatical constructs before translation into Papiamentu have to be simplified. Avoid to use: misspelled words, slang, poorly placed punctuation and complex lengthy sentences, — it can cause to be translated on papiamento incorrectly. Limit to translation from english to papiamento — only 300 symbols (Split text on parts before translation).

Translation on Papiamento by Papiamentu translator
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Note: this is experimental english-papiamento translation project. You agree that you do not hold author responsible for any damage that might result from using, or not being able to use, this free online Papiamento text translator tool. We do not guarantee neither that the translation on papiamento will correct, nor that the translation scripts on this site is free of errors.