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This papiamento-english translator is not a real translation system. It based on a huge vocabularu papiamento database and translated any text from papiamento to english by word-to-word. Of course this conversion tool is not simply substituting papiamento words for other english words. The transformer use a combination of some Papiamento grammar and semantic rules, structure transformational rules and English morphological synthesis rules. But because Papiamentu is very simple language without complicated grammatical constructs english translation will be not a problem.

The translation system was successfuly tested using many different and original papiapento language sources. The full automatic translation tool from papiamento language still functionally limited and its results are still not totally satisfactory. Limit to translation from papiamento — only 300 symbols.

Translation from Papiamento by Papiamentu translator
Paste here papiamento text to translation (max 300 symbols): Free translation on english

The general idea of this free papiamento language service is to translate the Creol and Gaelic sentences to the english sentences by carrying out the possible parse, after replacing source words with their target language equivalents as specified in a papiamento and english dictionary. And on the next stage re-arranging their order to suit the rules of the english language.

As many other translation systems this free tool consist of 3 parts:

A Splitter and corrector: This part used to analyze the input papiamento text.
A converter and transformer: This is used to translate Papiamento words from dictionary.
A generator: This is used to create English sentences.

In the future work developers intend to make that prototype papiamento-english translation system more semantic.

Where I can find online Google Translator extended version with supporting papiamento language? I want to translate from papiamento to english or on papiamento from other languages...
Google translate still not supporting papiamento translation and no language pairs for papiamentu existed. But as you know papiamento lang consist of combination a Creol, Dutch, Spanish and Latin languages, so you can try the next translation method for papiaments:
1. Paste text on papiamento in Google Translate.
2. Select translation from or to Afrikaans and click Translate button.
3. Get the Results and select now other language - Dutch and click Translate. Do it for everything languages from list: Afrikaans, Dutch, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish. There are basic method to localise any text with online translator without supporting required language.