Online translator Reverso

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Translation texts and websites Reverso from Softissimo company.
  • 6 translation languages: english, italian, spanish, german, russian, french.
  • Translation texts and websites.
  • Site language on english, italian, spanish, german, russian and french.
  • Virtual keyboard.
  • Printing translation results.
  • Translation quality middle/good.
  • Translation text limit for 300 symbols.
  • Reverso Conditions of use.
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Translation by Reverso
Word or text (max 300 symbols): Translation: 

Reverso-Softissimo publishes and integrates linguistic technologies, multilingual solutions for corporations, governments and the consumer market. The company proposes a unique expertise allowing at a time optimization and adaptation of the translation tools to the client’s specific needs.

Reverso-Softissimo proposes a large product range including a consulting offer (requirements analysis, recommendations), high-performance and comprehensive productivity tools (electronic dictionaries, instant translation software, professional solutions.
Now all translators and dictionaries on one site.
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